3) Results

Data Collection 


   We will attempt to find a pre-made survey to pass out to people to answer, or craft out our own survey if we are unable to find one. Then, we will use the online survey results to create a pie chart. These surveys will target the people staying in households. We will also combine the results of the written surveys and compile them with the online results. After we get a reasonable about of data, we will search of possible solutions of the electricity wastage according to the results we get. 

 Throughout two months, we have interviewed 50 people about their electricity usage and general information.
Through the survey, we have found out that 51% of all people who took part in our survey live in HDB (Housing Development Board) flats, and the remainder live in Condominiums or Private estates. 85% of the people living in HDB flats spend an average of $75 on electricity monthly. In addition to that, we have discovered that 95% of all people living in Private estates spend an average of $200 per month. From this we can conclude that we have to target the people residing in private estates, as they are the ones who use the most amount of electricity.

From this survey, we have also concluded that 34% of all the people that took part in our survey were unaware of the fact that our electricity was on edge. An average of 80% of these people are under the age of 15. The 77% of the people who understood the danger supplied us with good and useful advice on how to save electricity, which included, but not limited to turning off lights when not in use of the particular room and using the air-con less frequently by using fan instead of air conditioning. These same people have the motivation to save electricity.

However, we have discovered that 90% of all people who partook in our survey wanted to have more energy conservation talks that they could attend. This shows that multiple people want to turn over a new leaf and learn to save the planet. 

What type of house do you live in?
HDB Flats1850%
Landed Property925%

Do you know what is causing our energy to deplete?

Would you like to have more seminars and talks on energy saving?

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