5. Conclusion

We conclude that in general, Singaporeans know what is happening with our electricity. They
are also able to identify the various ways we can save electricity, and in turn, save money in the process. However, despite some government efforts to get Singaporeans to save electricity, Singaporeans have generally been turning a deaf ear to such programs. We identified the main cause of the wastage of electricity being laziness. People would rather spend more money, than get up to turn off the lights or fans. So we thought, how do we get these people to understand that electricity is important in our lives? From this question, we deduced that the best way to promote conservation of electricity is through meaningful videos and/or online advertisements. We have come to this decision as touching videos and/or advertisements cater to a wider audience than that of a convention or speech. It also captures the persons interest, in a way that boring speeches would not. It brings out a message that a convention never would.

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